What is #resolveguernsey?

It's a fundraising and awareness campaign in aid of Wigwam. At Wigwam we provide friendship, support and advice to families who have children under the age of 25 with additional needs. 

How does it work? 

To take part you simply need to come up with a New Years Resolution, sign up staking a minimum of £10, once we have received your form and money you will be given a unique participant number and IF you complete your challenge in 2017 you can have your money back. 

How do I sign up (Note: All sign up's must be received by 31st January 2017)?

To sign up online click here.

To download and print a form click here

For businesses/groups/clubs who would like to take part a form can be downloaded here

Why should I take part? 

At Wigwam we regularly help our members facing challenges big or small and we want participants in #resolveguernsey to complete challenges no matter how big or how small. By taking part in #resolveguernsey you will be joining in with hundreds (hopefully) of others all working towards goals. 

Similar campaigns have been set up in other parts of the world and, by staking your own money on the challenge, you have a significantly increased incentive to complete your New Years Resolutions. If you do complete your challenge you will be offered your money back and will have helped us raised the profile of Wigwam and the needs of islanders with additional needs. If you don't complete your challenge we will put your money to good use helping the local community. A win win. 

Help us reach our target of 1000 sign ups by signing up and following our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages, simply search for 'resolveguernsey'. 

You can also now download a printable poster here


Download the Young Adult Brochure

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