The Big Pow Wow


The What….. 

The Big Pow Wow is a fundraising and awareness campaign for Wigwam Support Group, a local charity (CH315). At Wigwam we provide friendship, support and advice to families of children and young people with additional needs.

The concept is simple.

Gather a group of friends, colleagues or family members, organise a fun social event and help raise funds for Wigwam! Each person who comes donates a minimum of £5 to attend the event and then organises their own Pow Wow, inviting a new set of people and so on and so on…..


The How……. 

Think of a fun social event. It could be anything you choose and doesn’t need to be anything out of the ordinary. Some people are hosting dinner parties, other’s drinks with friends or exploring an interest or hobby together

Sign up below. Let us know what you are planning, when you are planning and how many you are expect to come along (so we can send you sufficient info)

Host the event and have fun! Don’t forget to share any pictures or videos on social media using #bigpowwow and to send any collected donations to us.


Sign Up…….

To sign up online click here



To share details about your events don't forget to use #bigpowwow in any social media posts


Special thanks to local Design + Advertising Company Two Degrees North for The Big Pow Wow branding designed as part of their Charity of the Year support. 


Download the Young Adult Brochure

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